Custom Lip stick

Create Your Own Lipstick Perth

A Custom Lipstick Designed Just for You

Pucker up Perth and get ready to make your very own custom shade of lipstick that is the exact colour, consistency and finish you’ve always wanted.

You may be looking for a gorgeous nude you can wear with anything, a bold red that matches your skin tone, the perfect pink, a moody maroon, or daring orange. Whatever hue inspires you, we help you create a shade that’s all yours.

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Your Custom Lipstick In 3 Simple Steps!

We can’t wait to welcome you in-store to Choose, Mix and Apply your very own custom lipstick.

Our expert makeup mixologists help you create a colour that matches your unique style and skin tone and select the best base and scent for the perfect pout.

Want something extra? Our team can infuse your lipstick with your choice of nourishing additives, and once your lipstick is ready, we’ll even get you to name it.


Pick your custom base: Creme, Matte, Vegan or Liquid Matte. Experiment with our extensive range of pigments to create your perfect shade! Make it your own by adding a flavour or additive. Choose from pink champagne to chocolate essence and lip moisturisers to SPF and lip plumpers.


Once you have selected your colours, flavours and finish, we will make it for you on the spot. The process involves heating, mixing and then cooling in our unique lipstick moulds.


In less than 15 minutes your new custom blended lipstick will be ready to go and can be applied after 24 hours.

Colour Match Your Favourite

Do you have a lipstick you adore that has been discontinued? At The Lip Lab Perth, we offer colour matching services to recreate your favourite shade. Simply provide us with a sample and we’ll mix it up so you can continue wearing the colour you love.


Running Low on your Custom Lipstick?

You can re-order your lipstick with us online. We keep all your details on file and can mix this up for you fast. Simply place your order and choose your delivery method.

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Custom Lipstick Gift Vouchers

Lipstick Gift Vouchers

Looking for the perfect present for the girl who has everything? The Lip Lab Perth vouchers offer a gift experience with infinite possibilities!

Choose from our gorgeous packages or top it up to your chosen value – the choice is yours. Trust us, she’ll love it!