It’s as easy as 1 2 3…


Pick your custom base; Creme, Matte, Vegan or Liquid Matte.
Experiment with our extensive range of pigments to create your perfect shade!
Make it your own by adding a flavour or additive for $3 each. Choose from Pink Champagne to chocolate essence and Lip Moisturisers to SPF and Lip Plumpers!


Once you have selected your colours, flavours and finish we will make it for you on spot. The process involves heating, mixing and then cooling in our state of the art lipstick moulds.


In less than 15 minutes your new custom blended lipstick will be ready to go and can be applied after 24 hrs for Lipsticks or 2 hrs for glosses.


In love with your Lip Lab Creation?
Did you know that we keep a record of every product that we make so that you can easily reorder your favourite products?